Sketching PlayLab is now OPEN!


New Play sessions: #13 SOFT & HARD, Everything Dry!

A workshop that will bring out the child in you! Pull out all your new and old dry media and tools for this session.

About this event
No additional water is needed for this play session because we will go back to old school DRY Media and tools. These tools often go unnoticed and need to be highlighted.
Be surprised by what dry medias like crayons & charcoals can create on paper. We will show you how to play with old & new tools and together cook up a PERFECT STORM.

*21, 28Oct THURSDAY & 30Oct SATURDAY sessions are;
- 7am Pacific Standard Time (West Coast US) or
- 10am Eastern Standard Time or
- 3pm London or
- 10pm Singapore Standard time

*23 Oct SATURDAY Session is;
- 8am Singapore Standard Time or
- 10am Sydney Time or
- 22Oct FRIDAY 5pm Pacific Standard Time (US West Coast) or
- 22Oct FRIDAY 8pm Eastern Standard Time (US East Coast)

Follow the link to register:


We can often can forget the pure joy of playing. Just like the playgrounds we used to visit, we can want to recreate the same adventure of discovery and combine it with our love for sketching in our virtual playground for sketching. 

For each online play session (90 mins), we pick a concept, technique or medium to play with. We hope to inspire you to through our own playful experiments. We believe there are wisdom and inspirations to be found in our communion and play time together.



1) Sketching: Transfer all our new discoveries and learning back to sketching on-location.
2) Play: Foster pure enjoyment involving the whole being.
3) Lab: A place for experiments, innovations and even failures. 

I will partnering the awesome Suhita Shirodkar to run this weekly Zoom session. All sessions are run on donations and we appreciate your generosity to help us keep the play lab open. 

Email us at to join our mailing list for play session announcements. Yes you can attend as often as you like. 

So grab all your art tools and materials and get ready your play space at home!!